7 drinks for a party bus trip

The ideal drink for a party bus has to meet three criterias:

  1. It has to be easy to make,
  2. it has to be delicious, and
  3. it has to be forgiving.

While our rides are smooth, trying to make a determined drink while in a moving vehicle can be challenging. Because of that, you’ve got to be a bit more selective about the best drinks to bring to your party. Today, we’re going to walk you through some drinks that anyone could make, no one could mess up, and only require a couple of ingredients.

  1. Cuba Libre
    Ingredients: Favorite white rum, fresh squeezed lime juice, and cola.
    In the first place, we have one of the most popular cocktails across Cuba, the United States, and other countries. Rum and Coke is a classic combination that blends the tropical, grassy notes of the rum with the effervescent, spicy flavor of the cola. A squeeze of lime adds a zingy jolt of citrus that complements both ingredients while taming some of the sweetness. It also doesn’t hurt that the Cuba Libre contains caffeine and sugar, making it a preferred party drink to prepare while on board of Astro.
  2. Bubbly Tequila Sunrise
    Ingredients: Tequila, twice as much orange juice, and orange-flavored LaCroix.
    Because tequila sunrises are typically layered, this is as forgiving as it gets; puur tequila, pour the orange juices, then pour the LaCroix. Yes, these are traditionally served with cherries and grenadine but honestly, your guests will be too busy having fun to miss some red syrup. Tequila, orange juice, and sparkling water is easy, delicious, and takes less than a minute to make.
  3. Mimosa
    Ingredients: Champagne and orange juice.
    Quite possibly the easiest, most delicious cocktail you could ever make on board. This is one of those rare cocktails you can guesstimate the amounts. Whatever you do, just add a splash of orange juice, then roughly three times as much champagne. Boom! You’re done. It’s tasty (regardless of whether you go heavy on the orange juice or heavy on the champagne.)
  4. Cape Cod
    Ingredients: Fresh Cranberry juice and Vodka.
    The Cape Cod (or Cape Codder) is one of the easiest mixed drinks that you will find. There is no mystery to it and nothing special about it: it is quite simply vodka and cranberry. Despite its simplicity, it is a great tasting drink and a perfect choice for your party tour or anytime you simply want a fruity, refreshing cocktail.
  5. On the Rocks
    Ingredients: Your choice of aged whiskey poured over ice.
    One of the best and easiest choices for your unique party experience. Contrary to what some people believe, ice can actually enhance the flavor of whiskey that has an alcohol content of 45% or lower. This is because guaiacol, a molecule found in whiskey, floats to the surface of the cup and improves the smell and taste. Tips: 1) Too many ice cubes can water the drinks down and have an adverse effect on flavor. 2) Add Redbull for an extra sparkling taste and energy boost while dancing onboard.
  6. Moscow Mule
    Ingredients: Ginger beer, Vodka, and lime juice.
    This is extremely simple to make: a few ounces of vodka, a splash of lime juice, and three times as much ginger beer. Served with ice, and you’ve got a cool, refreshing little drink in almost no time.
    If you’re the kind of person who likes being r\prepared, you can actually mix all of these drinks before your ride. Put them in pitchers with lids and serve over ice; now, serving mixed drinks takes a few seconds, and you can enjoy the party along with everyone else!
  7. Bellini
    Ingredients: Prosecco sparkling wine and white peach puree.
    Mix them together and you have a pretty, pale pink drink ready for your party tour on Astro. Plus it’s one of the perfect cocktails to drink before noon if you and your crew are having brunch vibes instead.

While Astro Rumba Miami cannot provide any alcohol for you, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you out with expertise and recommendations on how to have a good time. When you book with Astro, you will get access to two coolers ready with ice, cups, bottled waters, and sodas for your group. We know party planning can be stressful. Our job is to make that process as easy as possible so you can actually enjoy your trip and have an unforgettable time onboard.

Contact Astro Rumba Miami today to reserve your party bus and get your drink on!